Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Lunch at Fuzzy's Taco Shop

For my last day of vacation, I decided to try out the new Farmers Branch location of Fuzzy's Taco Shop with the family.  I had heard lots of different reviews on Fuzzy's so we decided to see what all the hype was about, and if it was even true.

When we got to the restaurant, there was an impressively extensive menu, and a very clean restaurant.  The cashier had customer service skills that left a lot to be desired, and seemed a little unenthusiastic to be taking my order. When he asked my daughter what she wanted as a side, she asked for rice, but he didn't hear her.  He then asked her in an even louder, irritated tone, and she repeated her request.  Two kids meals, a taco, a cup of soup, taco plate and two drinks ran us about $22.00, and I was a little shocked at the price.

When we sat down and got our drinks from the fountain, we got a small basket of chips and two little cups of salsa.  The chips had a little seasoned salt on them, which were pretty tasty, but the salsa tasted like your run of the mill taco sauce, just hotter.

When our food came, I was impressed with the fresh ingredients and nice presentation.  The taco came in a paper lined basket, the soup in a small coffee cup-like container, and everything else on large plates.  I started off with my tortilla soup, which I was disappointed came only with three chips stuck in it.  The soup was very thick, almost too thick, and had a nice mix of veggies, beans and cheese.  The thickness and consistency of the soup stock made it a little unappetizing, and having tortilla strips or more chips to add to it may have made the soup a little better.  After a few bites of the soup, I decided to move on to the main course, my chicken crispy taco.  I took a bite of my chicken crispy taco, and was not impressed with the seasoning of the meat.  The lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and cilantro were fresh and cold, but the chicken was bland.  After my first bite, I decided I would spice it up a little by adding a little sauce. BIG MISTAKE.  The hot sauce on the taco made it so unbearably hot, I wasn't even able to finish the taco.  My mouth burned for about 5 minutes, and since I am still recovering from a respiratory infection, I coughed so hard I swore I was going to have an asthma attack!  I was able to scrape off a little of the lettuce and tomato to eat, but my $1.99 taco was ruined. 

My daughter had the soft chicken taco kid's meal, and got her taco with a side of rice.  At least I think it was supposed to be rice.  The rice had some tomatoes and corn mixed in, but had a very greasy coating.  The rice was overcooked and underseasoned, and after just a few bites, my daughter decided it wasn't any good.  Her taco looked pretty good, but she was turned off by the white sauce that came with the taco.  I think the sauce was supposed to be something garlic based, but the mayo undertones overpowered the garlic.  So, along with my tortilla soup and crispy chicken taco, her $3.49 kid's meal was also a dud, as she decided to just make a PBJ sandwich at home.  My son got the cheese nachos kid's meal, and it came on a GIANT plate, which could be a good and a bad thing.  The kid's meal could have easily been shared by 2-3 kids, if they had put a little more cheese on it.  The nachos had both a white cheese sauce and shredded cheese on it, neither of which were very hot or melted.  My son enjoyed his nachos, but left more than half still on the plate.  My husband had the chicken taco plate, and after my hot sauce experience, decided to just eat his tacos bland.  He also was not impressed with the rice served with his meal.

Overall, I don't think we will be back to Fuzzy's Taco Shop, unless it is to try something different on the menu.  I have heard they have great margaritas and quesadillas, so maybe if I make it in again I will try those.  I have posted a few pictures and my ratings below, based on my experience at the store.  I understand you may have had a different experience, so feel free to leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Here's to full bellies!


Awesomeness Rating (Scale of 1-10):
5.... because the restaurant was very clean, had a large menu, and cool large drink cups

Rate of Return (Scale of 1-4):
2... highly unlikely we will be back

Customer Service (Scale of 1-10):
4.... The cashier left a lot to be desired, and was not helpful to us first timers.  But the table busser did say "Excuse me, ma'am" when passing by, so that earned a few extra points.

Cleanliness (Scale of 1-4):
4.... The table busser immediately cleaned tables when they were emptied, and the cashier did come clear some trays for us before we left

Biggest Pro:
If you get a large drink, you do get a snazzy plastic Fuzzy's Taco Shop cup!

Biggest Con:
The hot sauce will totally ruin your meal if you are not a fan of scorching hot sauce.  Having some options in level of heat would be nice, or a salt and pepper shaker would also be appreciated.

Isaiah and his Cheese Nachos

My pretty chicken crispy taco

The amazing plastic cup :)

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