Monday, July 23, 2012

Free Wheel'n Cafe: Crave-worthy Cheesesteaks

Free Wheel'n Cafe has won the hearts of many in the DFW area, serving up the best cheesesteaks this side of the Mississippi River.  The truck is manned by the cutest husband and wife team, and they serve up cheesesteaks that would bring a true Philadelphian to their knees.  Floyd, the owner and head chef, has mastered the Philly-style steak... soft, fresh bread stuffed with thin, top quality meat and melted cheese, dished up with sauteed onions and a variety of different add-ons to please the most finicky eater. (P. S. He also has chicken cheesesteaks, and burgers, but I was too full! Next time, next time...)

I have caught up with Floyd at several events, most recently at the Double Wide Flea Market this past Saturday.  Floyd dished up a cheesesteak just the way I like it (meat and cheese, onions on the side) so I could get an accurate taste of all the different flavors going on in the sandwich.  After chowing down on half my sandwich, I managed to pause long enough to pile on the onions and pour on a sample of Floyd's spicy ranch.  Mind. Blowing. Awesomeness.  The sandwich can definitely pull it's own weight, but the spicy ranch definitely kicked up the flavor and the wow factor. 

Free Wheel'n Cafe's prices won't break the bank, and lines are always short as the cheesesteaks fly out of the window.  You can easily make your cheesesteak a combo by pairing it with a soda and bag of premium chips for just a few more bucks. Floyd is working most days, and is one of my favorite tweeps on Twitter (@nessvannoy).  Follow Floyd and the crew on Twitter at @freewheelncafe, or check out his Facebook page, Free Wheel'n Cafe.

Here's to full bellies, Vanessa

Hard working Floyd!  It was 105 outside, and about 140 on the truck!

Full belly for less than $10.... What a deal!

 It was almost too pretty to eat.... Love it!

Lots of hungry fans at the Double Wide Bar!

Free Wheeln' Cafe... Cheesesteak Heaven!

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