Sunday, January 8, 2012

Venture Into Veganism

My husband was recently moved to adopt a vegan lifestyle after watching the documentary, Forks Over Knives.  To be supportive, and in hopes of getting on the weight loss band wagon, I decided to try being vegan for 40 days, as of January 2nd.  I have tried several vegetables this week I would normally never have eaten, and am challenging myself to eat a banana at some point this week!  I have really enjoyed cooking all our foods from scratch, and have only had two or three foods this week that were pre-packaged food.... I even made our own whole wheat sandwich bread!  I look forward to blogging about our meals this year, what went well and what was a flop.  36 more days of being vegan, unless I fall in love with it!  I will be a holiday vegetarian after my 40 days of veganism, with Lent starting soon after.  We always abstain from meat during the Lenten season, but I am excited about incorporating dairy into my diet.  I sure do miss my cheese!  I am quite pleased with the increase in energy and overall sense of being healthy.

Here's to full bellies, Vanessa

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